Born on the toilet – Austin Birth Photographer

An entire birth story, beginning to end. When I first shared images from Lauren’s birth, many people could not understand why she gave birth on the toilet (as if that’s where she intended for it to happen). This curation of images shows her progress up to that point. Notice how much she moves around during labor. Walking, squatting, changing positions, moving from bed to tub and back, and yes eventually to the toilet. She really just had to empty her bladder. But they don’t call the toilet the “Dilation Station” for nothing! It’s an effective way to open up the pelvis and then of course gravity is also doing its job. So baby made her final descent easily at that point, and was quickly up in Mom’s arms with the watchful care of her midwife heather Hilton of Central Texas Birth Center.

The thing I love about birth stories is the details that Mom may not notice during labor. She is after all, focusing entirely on bringing her baby earthside. That’s why I try to capture the in between moments like physical touch, reaching for one’s partner, taking sips of water or eating a snack for fuel, cradling your belly, even a smile here and there between contractions.

Notice this birth story is all in black and white. The amount of time spent editing a birth in color is significantly more than in BW, so I offer a cheaper package for black and white photos only! It’s a good option for families who are budget-conscious but still want a skilled birth photographer to document their special day. 

Enjoy your scroll through the images below.

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